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Camlock Specifications
Camlock Specifications


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This website was specifically created to be dedicated to all your cam lock fitting needs, servicing customers all over the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. We supply the best priced quality camlock fittings and camlock couplings which are also called camlock hose fittings, a hose cam lock, cam fittings, a cam coupling and cam lock hose connectors. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and unbeatable prices. From cam and groove fittings, gaskets and Cam replacement arms , to ball valves and threaded fittings we supply high quality products typically with same day shipping. Our Camlock pipe fittings are compatible with other camlocks including PT couplings and a Dixon camlock fitting. We stock cam and groove couplings in various configurations and materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass and polypropylene.

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We Offer the best priced quality Cam and Groove Couplings. We usually ship the same day that your order is received.
This ensures that you to get quality products at the lowest price, delivered quickly.
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(Original Equipment Manufacturers)
We have the ability to source specialized parts like Socket weld and Flanged camlocks as well as heavy duty versions of our Cam and Groove products.
We can adjust our stock quantity to ensure that we can ship your order when it is placed.
This ensures that you get "your" product when required.

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FOR Re-Sellers and Distributors

We focus in stocking quality industry standard fittings at the lowest price.
We are able to increase our stock quantity levels to make sure that your monthly usage is on hand when needed.
We usually ship the same day your order is received, so that you receive your products quickly
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