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“Many Companies over pay for industry Standard Camlock fittings.

So we supply the Best Priced Quality Products,

So our customers can reduce costs and grow their business.”


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At Camlock Fittings we know that you want to be a Successful Company. In order to do that, you need to purchase at a good price.


The problem is high prices which makes you feel frustrated at being ripped off.


We believe you shouldn’t be over charged for industry standard products.


We understand and we want to help you to reduce costs, which is why we supply the Best Priced Quality Products.


Here’s how we do it: 1) Request a Quote 2) compare our prices 3) Receive your fittings quickly.


So, request a quote. And in the meantime email us your questions.


So you can stop being over charged and instead save money and purchase at the best price.




More Information


We created this On-Line Store website specifically for all your cam lock fitting needs. We have been selling high quality cam and groove couplings since we opened in 2007. Our company is involved with a global network of companies who have been in the industry selling camlock couplings for over 30 years. Our camlock couplings, are all made to standard Mil Specification A-A-59326 (MIL-C-27487). The Pro Flow Dynamics warehouse, located in Corona California, is fully stocked with our high quality products and new products that are being brought in frequently.

We work with a number of different industries such as, oil & gas, chemical, municipal, agricultural and the fast growing homebrew industry.

Camlock-Fittings is your number one choice for camlocks. Our fast delivery, competitive pricing and outstanding quality of products together with exceptional customer service is hard to beat!

Call us at 951-279-5500


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International Inquiries 


For any Cam and Groove Fittings enquiries from Europe, Africa, or Asia please contact our sister company Global Couplings at

For Inquiries in Australia please contact Pacific Fittings at

Local:+61 (0) 731849696


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