Topsflo TD5 DC Brewing Pump

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The Topsflo DC brewing pump uses safe low voltage DC power and as a result has a very quiet operation. Ideal for environments where safety and noise is a factor. Being a micro pump It is small and light. Suitable to be mounted directly on to a brew Kettle. Comes with a mounting bracket for directly attaching to your brew stand. Includes the 120v AC to 24v DC adapter so it's ready to Plug directly into the wall socket.
•Pump Head is Food grade stainless steel. •Flow Rate 7 GPM •19 ft Max Head •Constant hot water circulation of 230ºF is sustainable •Brew Pump is is flame resistant and high Temperature resistant •DC motor (ECM brushless) has an extended life time (20,000 hours) •24 hours work cycle •No Leaks ever- Pump head is closed to pump internals. •Polarity/High Current/Over-voltage protection in place. •Cleaning is easy •No or low maintenance •Good for small places since there is good heat dissipation resulting in less temp. increase.
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