1/2" Stainless Compression Fittings

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Compression Fittings are perfect for home brew fittings applications where tube or pipe needs to be connected to a thread.
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Product Name Size Price Qty
Compression Fiiting by MNPT 1/2"
Compression Fitting by Female NPT 1/2"
Compression Fitting by Elbow 1/2"
Compression Fitting Elbow by 1/4" Elbow 1/2" Com by 1/4" MNPT Elbow
3/8" Compression Fitting by 1/2" MNPT 3/8" Com by 1/2" MNPT
3/8" Compression Fitting by 1/2" MNPT Elbow 3/8" Com by 1/2" MNPT Elbow
Compression Fitting by Bulkhead Fitting 1/2"
5/8" Compression Fitting by Weldless Bulkhead Fitting 5/8" Com by 1/2" Bulkhead
These Home Brew Fittings come in a variety of selections depending on the application. Often considered Brewery Fittings they come predominantly in the 1/2" size for homebrew set ups.
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